Leading Safe Behaviours – TtT 3

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Programme dates:

26th October to 16th November

This is a collection of weekly activities to complete before, during and after your Train the Trainer course, and includes reading, watching talks and submitting comments online.

Welcome Innovator,

This is the online companion for the Leading Safe Behaviours: Train the Trainer course.

As your Guide through this process I’ve selected some specific material that I’d like you to read and reflect upon through some simple exercises at the end of each chapter of the books. I’d also like you to watch a few things that I think you will find interesting. Please share your thoughts with me and I’ll let you know what I think too.

Reflecting about what you have read, watched or heard will help you to apply this new knowledge to delivering the Leading Safe Behaviours Supervisor and Manager workshops.

If you have already completed some of these online activities as part of the Leading Safe Behaviours course for Leaders, you will still need to complete the activities marked up with an asterix (*).

Thank you for the time and effort you are about to give, I hope you enjoy the ride. See you online!

Allison – Programme Guide